Can you comment on your fee structure?

Most definitely. As mentioned on the Speaking Relief landing page, here is a briefer on Speaking Relief fees: Rates are dependent upon the number and length of sessions in addition to number of participants. They are in line with the experience of Shizu's experience along with going rates of competing companies. For example, for 6 sessions, priced hourly, in sets of 3-hour sessions, the rate would be at $100/hour. The total would be $2,100 if 21 hours were multiplied by the hourly rate. The previous is a ballpark figure and rates would be negotiated with Shizu.

Are you offering training for individuals?

At this point in time, Speaking Relief is offering training in a group structure for companies who can arrange or already have a space for the workshop sessions to take place. This structure is also in keeping with the "practice makes perfect" philosophy that Speaking Relief is about. Of course, advice for individuals is always useful but practicing in front of others is key to developing a public speaking skill set. Please come back another time when the blog is set up for tips and strategies that would move you forward prior to or adjacent to training in another setting.

What's the best way to reach you?

Please click here to get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you.